Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

*Spoiler Alert!*

So when I found out that there was to a be a second film with RDJ and Jude Law playing the dynamic Holmes and Watson duo, I was excited. I mean come on, RDJ played a fantastic (Hollywood) Sherlock. However, upon seeing the movie, I wasn’t as enamored as I was with the first. It lacked the finesse and flair that I had expected. (Perhaps I was expecting too much?)

The Game begins with Watson typing on his typewriter, talking about Sherlock Holmes in the past tense (oh dear!). Anyways, it continues on and we find that Watson is to be married the next day and Sherlock (being himself) has forgotten to plan the stag party (But they go out drinking and have a good time anyways; well except for the whole meeting Sim/protecting her from an assassination). Not to give away too many details, but in the end, Sherlock falls off a balcony with Moriarty, but is (of course) not really dead.

Here are my issues concerning the movie:
1) What is up with Irene Adler? I didnt like her very much in the last movie, I dont think I was supposed to. But as Sherlock’s lover? I dont really buy it. (I guess that’s too purist of me, the real Sherlock didnt even know that the world revolved around the sun) Also I dont think Irene is really his match. But anyways, for the 20 minutes that shes actually in the movie, I felt like she was trying too hard. Yes we needed for Sherlock to have a heartbreak, and we know that he did care for her, but did he really love her? That is the question. (there is the scene were he smells her infected handkerchief then lets it fly into the ocean. Is that what love is?)

2) Prof. James Moriarty. I expected a really fantastic bad guy, that was devious and absolutely scary without having to try. This guy was too clean cut. Except for when he hooks his “fish” (Sherlock) on a hook and swings him around a bit. (I see what you did there Guy Ritchie). I personally didn’t feel like he had enough screen presence to convey the infamous Moriarty. Maybe I was expecting too much (Im sure I was), especially after watching BBC’s version of Moriarty in the fantastic series Sherlock. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, do it. Do it right now. You’ll thank me.

3) Slow motion. Seriously Guy Ritchie? You could have cut off twenty minutes of your film if you would have sped it up a little. Not that I cant appreciate slow motion scenes, but in every other scene, it gets a little old. Just saying. It made me want to kick him.. in slow motion..

4) The screenplay. Too much Hollywood, not enough Doyle. Except when Sherlock “dies”. (We know you want more of our money Warner Brothers) Doyle famously killed off his title character and never wrote another Sherlock novel, correction, he did write another Sherlock story because his publisher demanded it (that is what happens when you blog and don’t check your facts *facepalm*). However the first copycat novel  ever to be endorsed by Doyle’s estate or whatever was released recently (although I cant remember its name right now.)

5) Where the heck was Lestrade? Lame.

6) Also I would’ve like to have seen more with Colonel Sebastian Moran (the super-sniper). He had a lot of potential as a character, and still does.

7) One last thing; what the heck was up with all the over grown plants in Holmes’ apartment? I for one, would’ve loved an explanation.

Things I liked:
1) Mary Watson. Although she wasnt my favorite in the first movie, I felt like she came into her own in this film. Even though she wasn’t there kicking butt with the boys like Sim, she was still helping with the case. She made the audience believe that she was exactly the right person for Watson, but also that she could put up with Sherlock.

2) The score. Hans Zimmer for the win.

3) RDJ and Jude Law. Good chemistry. If their chemistry had been bad, this movie would’ve sucked.

4) Storyline. Over all the story was good. It was just a bit too explosion-y with a lack of intellectualism that Sherlock normally conveys.

5) Gladstone. My word that English bulldog is cute, and impeccably trained. I want one in my stocking.

I think those were all of my complaints/praises. Overall I thought the movie was alright, I just wasn’t too thrilled with it. But dont take my word for it, definitely go see this movie. Especially if you like RDJ or Jude Law. And guns. And explosions. And slow motion. A lot of slow motion.

Brown dog thinks this movie was great. Except he thinks that Gladstone should have saved the day. One day Brown dog…. One day…

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs

P.S. If you havent watched The Hobbit pt 1 trailed, drop whatever youre doing and youtube it.

P.P.S. There will soon be blogs about Science Fiction and why your daughters should watch it. Im excited to write them.

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C is a recent graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a bachelors degree in English. She currently resides in the Mitten state with her Mister, three dogs, and one and a half cats. She enjoys large cups of coffee, running, and long walks in the woods.
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