Les Miserables

Ok Les Miserables Fans

Let’s still be friends.

That being said, if you think that Les Mis is the BEST MUSICAL EVER, stop reading this review. I am judging the movie strictly on the film, not the musical. If you loved the musical, you’ll adore the movie. I promise. I however, am not so convinced that this award-winning musical, is a good movie. Dont freak out on me yet, there is hope I promise you. Let me explain my feelings, and give you the reasons so you understand.

But first, some sarcasm.

Here’s how my snarky side wanted to start this blog:
“I dreamed a dream of time gone by”, It was the two hours and forty minutes I sat in the theater.
But that’s way too harsh, because this movie doesn’t deserve that. But here’s the honest truth:

Although this movie has PHENOMENAL vocal performances, the movie itself really didn’t work for me. It is by no fault of the actors, or writers, maybe a little bit of the writer/director. Let me explain:
In a musical you have an intermission, you can get up, clear your head, and y’know, go pee because you’ve been sitting for two hours already. Well, someone forgot to tell Tom Hooper that. I know I sit through 4 hour long movies about hobbits, but, at least it feels like something happens. Honestly, this movie went really fast, and then slowed so much that I thought it was never going to end ever. Let’s go on to the high points shall we?


I’m Cosette. I’m adorable

I was pleasantly surprised by Amanda Seyfried’s performance of Cosette. Oh my word, if she can really sing that high, I’m super jealous.

I sing so well it hurts.

I see great things in store for newcomer  Samantha Barks who played Eponine. That girl had the pipes AND the stage presence  Why? Because she’s played Eponine before. Stage actors make better movies. End of story.

This guy could’ve sang the entire movie, and I would’ve been so happy. His name is Aaron Tveit, and he played Enjolras who led the rebellion.

Which leads me to Russell Crowe. Where has this guy been? He was so great as Javert. SO GREAT. I’m not going to really talk about Hugh or Helena Bonham Carter because they gave great performances. I mean really, its almost redundant to talk about them.  I dont know why I seem to hold Anne Hathaway to a higher standard, but I do. And she did not disappoint. I had an issue with the “I dreamed a dream” scene, but that was more of a camera-angle annoyance. Before I go any further, I have got to give the two kids in the film some props because they deserve them.

He has stolen my heart

Daniel Huttlestone was Gavroche, the little boy who has no fear. He wants to play with the big boys, and give them a sense of hope because of his courage. This guy was so great. He acted along side the great Russell Crowe without blinking an eye and gives him a run for his money I think. I am hopeful to see him in future films

Look at her. How can you not be in love?

Look at her. She’s adorable!
Her rendition of “Castle on a Cloud” will send chills down your spine. She is the perfect little Cosette. She, like Daniel Huttlestone, holds her own acting with HBC, Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Jackman. Seriously, this kid has chops. I want her and Huttlestone to be in the same movie together. PLEASE?

If we’re judging the movie strictly on individual performances, its a 10/10. Maybe even 11/10. However, as a film, it just didn’t do it for me. I had no defining “Oh my musical” moment like I did in Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, or even Hairspray. The film does not do a good job of explaining the revolution. Its more like: “We’re going to have a revolution!” Well why? “Because!” Oh, well, ok then.
For the most part, the sets were fantastic, and so are the props. But there are some interesting discretion  One, in the barricade scene, it looks like a stage set. No big deal, except, this is a movie. It should look, well, like a movie. Also, Jean ValJean has these candlesticks that he stole and keeps in his house. Well, he flees the house, with nothing, and somehow ends up with the candlesticks in another house? What? I know its a technicality, but it bugged me. Maybe I’m just a snob. Probably.
There was one song that I kind of felt should be removed because of the events that happened at Sandy Hook. It describes empty chairs and empty desks, and I almost lost it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is going to feel that way. I know its really just a matter of bad timing, and its not the movie’s fault, but still.
Anyways, the musical as a movie just didn’t work for me. I am sure that when I see this on stage I will enjoy it so much more. There was just something about the film that didn’t sit well with me. Maybe it was the length, maybe it was the guy breathing as loud as an elephant with a head cold sitting behind me. Overall, because of the stunning performances, I give it an 8/10.

Peace, Love, and Dreams


P.S. Brown dog has no idea why they were Miserable. Maybe they just needed a puppy.

P.P.S. He suspects its because they had cats.

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C is a recent graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a bachelors degree in English. She currently resides in the Mitten state with her Mister, three dogs, and one and a half cats. She enjoys large cups of coffee, running, and long walks in the woods.
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