The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Spoilers)(sorry not sorry)

I doubted Peter Jackson in his decision to turn The Hobbit into three movies. I questioned his decision of Legolas, and the addition of Tauriel who does not exist in the Tolkien world. I doubted the decision to turn Azog into a character that wont die. And I’m sure that there will be MANY things about the third installment of The Hobbit that I will not like. That being said, I did enjoy The Desolation of Smaug. Even though it should’ve been: Smaug-flies-around-and-breaks-a-lot-of-stuff.

The movie opens without a lot of fanfare and dives straight into the story. Which began at one of my favorite Tolkien characters Beorn. Beorn, as Gandalf explains, is a skin changer. Sometimes he’s a very strong man, sometimes he’s a not so predictable bear. When I first read the Hobbit, i was pretty fascinated by Beorn. He had a magical house, and he was the last of his kind. Beorn’s house was almost exactly like I had imagined it. And that made me pretty happy.

Once the party reached the woods of Mirkwood, they encounter spiders. All of the dwarves end up wrapped up in spiderweb and Bilbo has to save them (again). This is the first time we see that Bilbo has definitely changed from the Hobbit he was before.After he puts on the ring, he can hear the Spiders talking, which was great. He also kills the spiders mercilessly, and violently. This begins to illustrate how the Ring is starting to take hold of Bilbo.

And then there were elves.

I’m Thranduil. I’m fabulous. Look at my crown. Look at it.

So. Elves and Dwarves do not mix. Except for Tauriel and Kili. (I love Kili) There’s an attraction that arises between them, and one stupid line about Kilis pants(I’m still upset about it). I mean, it was kind of weird, and the dialogue was um, different. But I think that they were paying homage to Luthien? I’m probably making this up. I’m not that familiar with her, I probably should be. But either way, a romantic relationship between the two, even having Tauriel go after him? It’s a reach. And not a very good one.

Legolas finally gets more airtime. He was my favorite character in the LOTR trilogy (books), and I was severely disappointed when a lot of his lines and actions were cut in the films. Seriously, it was him that figured out what happened to the hobbits in the Two Towers, not Aragorn (Just saying). There is a great bit between Gloin and Legolas when the Elves search the Dwarves. I cant give it away, it’s too silly. We get to see Legolas and his father, Thranduil, interact together. We get to see Legolas  as a prince, not just a member of the Fellowship. We see why the dwarves hate the elves so much; Thranduil is kind of an ass-hat.

There are a few things in Erebor that do not add up; like why it took the company SO long to climb up the mountain, and then when Bilbo finds the door space (after the dwarves started to climb back down)BOOM there was Thorin. Are you holding out on us Thorin? Do you have a climbing super-power? Is it a side effect of your mood swings?

Smaug wasn’t exactly disappointing, but, I wasn’t super impressed with him either. I did like that Smaug recognized that Bilbo’s ring was much more than Bilbo thought it was. The scene between the two of them was alright. But again, I wasn’t all that impressed with him.

If you watch Desolation of Smaug and compare it strictly to the book, you’ll hate it. Really, you will. But if you watch it as a story told in the Tolkien world that has Hobbit-like bits in it, you’ll enjoy it.

No matter what P Jackson decides to do with the third installment of The Hobbit, and the battle of the five armies, I will forever be grateful to him for creating the Tolkien-verse in a tangible way. He gave us an insight into what Middle Earth may have looked like, and brought to life characters that are beloved in the literary world. (And I personally don’t think there’s anyone more perfect than Martin Freeman to play Bilbo).

Hearing the Shire melody will always feel like home to me.

Peace, love, and hairy feet


P.S. Brown dog just likes the idea of dragons. Can he chase one?

P.P.S. It still would’ve been perfectly acceptable to break The Hobbit into 2 movies, but not 3. Just saying.


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C is a recent graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a bachelors degree in English. She currently resides in the Mitten state with her Mister, three dogs, and one and a half cats. She enjoys large cups of coffee, running, and long walks in the woods.
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